Go Global With GHOVC


Global Hands-On VC (GHOVC) was established by those with extensive entrepreneurial and startup management experience to provide hands-on support for Japanese technology startups to go global.

Our goal is to help create unicorn companies out of Japan by providing hands-on support to startups with unique technologies until they are able to spread their wings on the world stage.

We believe that the potential of Japanese startups has yet to be fully realized. In order for Japanese startups to become unicorns, we believe that they need to expand their businesses not only for domestic demand, but also for the global market.

The international GHOVC team has extensive experience in startup management and is looking to support startups challenging the global markets.

Why Global ?

In this age of digitalization in a seemingly borderless world, the entire global market has become "one market," and for Japanese startups, the competition has become global as well.

Under such circumstances, even if you are developing your business in a domestic market, you may eventually lose as global companies enter Japan. In addition, in order to take on larger and faster growing markets, it is essential to aim for overseas expansion. This will also allow products to be refined to a global standard of quality, which will revitalize the industry as a whole.

In addition, by being aware of the global market from an early stage, you will expand your chances of becoming a unicorn in many other ways, such as increasing "sales opportunities," "funding opportunities," "human resource opportunities," and "Exit opportunities."

Having seen startups from around the world, we believe that Japanese startups should be more aggressive in expanding into the global market.

Why Hands-On ?

"Supporting entrepreneurs through thick and thin."

No matter how good an entrepreneur is, there are numerous difficulties and many unknowns waiting for them ahead.

We want to support entrepreneurs to make the right decisions by becoming their database and providing hands-on support. By doing so, we want to accelerate their business growth.

However, in the end it is the entrepreneur who makes the final decision. We provide entrepreneurs with the resources to make successful decisions and the funds and networks to promote their businesses according to those decisions.

We provide not only the funds to promote the business, but also the decision-making materials for entrepreneurs to succeed. We work with them to acquire external funds, hire the right talent, and reach the right customers.

Because GHOVC brings together members who have experience in startup management in Japan and abroad, as well as diverse knowledge, we not only provide the information and technical theories necessary for management, but also approach entrepreneurs with their concerns and face them from the same perspective.

As a companion to help startups overcome the rough waters they face together, GHOVC will be there to help entrepreneurs succeed.

For Start-Ups

As founders of successful companies and founders of Global Hands-on VC,

we believe a startup needs all five critical items to succeed.

Market and favorable market conditions

We help you to jointly select what, where, when, how and why about the market.

Winning and competitive product

We provide you the art and science of building Minimum Viable Product(s) and growing to Most Viable Product(s).

Cohesive and complete team

Fine tune a trioka team leadership of Technologist, Product/Engineering and Business Execution ​in harmony.

Class of investors who are on founders side

As investors, we will be on your startup journey as partners who have interest to make you and your startup succeed.

Execution, Execution, Execution

A great idea needs an execution by the team to succeed and needs hands-on advisors to guide the execution.