Interview with Serial Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley

1-1. "Why of Entrepreneurs"

Shri Dodani

Founder / Managing Partner

Ken Yasunaga

Founder / Managing Partner

Why are people attracted to entrepreneurship?

​GHOVC's Founder & Managing Partner Shri Dodani, who has achieved great success by starting six companies in Silicon Valley. He sold the his founding company to Intel for $550M in two years. In addition, he has achieved the IPO of the startup for $1.5B as the CEO. We asked Shri Dodani, "Why did you start a business?"

1-2. "How to raise funds"

How to raise money from Silicon Valley VCs

Shri Dodani, the serial entrepreneur we interviewed for this article, has raised two rounds of funding from Sequoia. In addition, it has achieved great success while raising a large amount of funds from top-tier VCs in Silicon Valley, such as USVP and NEA. I am asking how we can raise funds from these top tier VCs.

1-3."Why to continue entrepreneurship"

Why do you keep starting businesses over and over again?

With all that success, why is Shri Dodani still in business? Will you continue to challenge yourself? In this session, we are listening here.

1-4."Why do VCs in Japan now"

Japanese startupsIt has the ingredients to be a big success.

Shri Dodani receives a lot of invitations from VCs in Silicon Valley to become partners and CEOs of startups. Under such circumstances, why did you decide to become a VC to invest in Japanese startups?

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